Wavin' K Working Dogs

Catahoulas - Catahoula Bulldogs - American Staghounds

About Wavin' K

We live outside Wheatland, Wyoming at the foot of the Laramie Range.  We come from long lines of avid outdoorsmen/women and hunters, and understand the importance of conservation of the lands and wildlife that are such an important part of our lives, one that has been passed down from generation to generation. 


Carl is a Carman and Kacy works on a ranch/feedlot operation.  We have miles of land at our fingertips, and our dogs live a fun and comfortable ranch life.  They are a big part of our everyday work and routine.  I don't go anywhere without my sidekicks.  Dogs have always been a key asset to our every-day life, growing up, we always had a good border collie to help with cattle work, or a good lab or springer to take to the field.  We know and understand the deep relationship between man and dog, and have found much joy, fulfillment, and excitement in our breeds of choice.
We are simply people who have a great love and appreciation for good working animals.  Our dogs are our partners, they are not bred to make money or make an excess of animals that will end up in the shelters or worse.  They are valuable working and family companions, that are life long responsibilities to their owners.  We have few breedings and litters, and only cross proven dogs, what we feel is the best genetics and conformation to produce the best dogs that we can use for ourselves first.  We don't just breed anything to anything, it's very carefully thought out and the results are very special.  We don't breed for color, we breed for performance.  A cow, coon or hog doesn't look at the dogs color, why should we?

Our dogs aren't for everyone, but they aren't designed to be.

"Always breed to better..." - Jon Ware

Our Registries of Choice

For Catahoulas we register National Association of the Louisiana Catahoula (NALC) and Working Catahoula Association (WCA), as well as United Kennel Club (UKC) on dogs we are conformation showing as that is the closest outlet for us.

For Catahoula Bulldogs we only use National Catahoula Bulldog Registry as this is the premier registry for these dogs.

Our Dogs

Our sighthounds hunt coyotes, fox, and rabbits while our catahoulas and catahoula bulldogs work cattle as well as trail and bay raccoons and other game.  All of our catahoulas and catahoula bulldogs are trained on BOTH livestock and game.  We train our own dogs, starting the pups early with age appropriate activities.  Before we ever consider breeding a dog, they must be proven in their working ability, and with that comes a wide range of physical and mental testing.

We don't have a large number of dogs, but we do allow the different ages, breeds, and sexes to socialize together (though properly contained otherwise) and they create a hierarchy in which I am always the Alpha.  If there is a disagreement, I step in as Alpha and make it right.  There are many benefits of raising dogs in this manner, including the human being Alpha status at all times, higher socialization and social skills with other dogs, plus making more socially, physically, and mentally advanced puppies.  By wrestling and play fighting, they also learn important life skills that better prepares them for self defense and skills needed for contending with their 'prey' animals when they begin hunting.  Our dogs are drawn towards their human naturally, and have an inborn desire to please their human. 

I don't believe that in order to have a successful working dog, you can't handle or bond with them.  I believe that early handling and socialization is key in producing a more hard working partner, and if the drive to work and hunt is truly in their blood, having a strong personal relationship with their human will not affect their performance.  My dogs are handled and socialized from day one, this enables them to be more bonded, trustworthy, and trainable.  They learn to love their human from day one, and this creates a stronger, more willing working partnership, and a tighter bond between dog and human.