Wavin' K Working Dogs

Catahoulas - Catahoula Bulldogs - American Staghounds

Reel Zydeco's Femme Fatale -- "Talon"

Talon's death was extremely heartbreaking. I know I will never own another dog like her, she was the embodiment of the catahoula, bold faithful kind and loving, work driven and talented in everything she did. She was as beautiful on the inside as she was to look at. Her loss was a hard one, we miss her dearly and she will never be forgotten.  What an incredible dog.

Wavin K's Houla Howitzer  --  "Howie"



Howie was truly a one of a kind puppy.  His death was very devistating and we miss him more than I can say.  He was the epitome of  the kind of dog we are striving to raise: beautiful, smart, loving, loyal, with a personality second to none.  He was our pick of the litter out of Stella and Dillinger's litter, being the 9th puppy born he captured our hearts from the very beginning.  We are very blessed to have had Howie be a part of our lives, even if it was only for 6 short months.  I guess the Lord needed a loyal and loving companion to sit at his feet up in heaven.


Where do I begin?  Sophie was with us for a very short 16 years.  She was the best small dog we ever had.  She was everything and more.  She would travel with us to rodeos, snuggle at night, worked like a big dog, moved cattle, and gave us many funny and loving memorable moments.  She was a beloved member of our family that will never be replaced or forgotten, and one who is missed so very much. 


Ace was an outstanding partner on the ranch.  He was with us for 15 years and his various duties included being a guardian of children, fishing chaperone and boating companion, roping chute worker, and faithful friend.  We miss him greatly.